Monday, February 22, 2010

Got the monkey off my back

A dog and her monster, it's a beautiful thing

Phew! The monster is done and has been given to its intended recipient (who in case you were wondering, is not actually the dog pictured above, although Fiona was fond of him).
No Seamus, don't jump! You're a sea monster, you can't fly, you swim!

As is only fitting, Seamus the sea monster was finished this weekend on an island in Maine where my family has a home.
Showing off his groovy fins and tail (this pattern was heavily modified per my sister's request and rather than wings he had to have "loch ness monster type fins")

I gave him to my older sister who was elated with her little monster Seamus von Swimmy. Ali had been positively demanding throughout this whole process so it was quite a relief to be able to give her the monster.
Notice his wave patterned belly

And as part of her insatiable desire for little knit monsters, I spent Saturday teaching her how to knit so that she can start her own monster factory!


  1. I would like to see pictures of the house in Maine. The monster is very cute

  2. Very cute! Is this your own pattern?

  3. The monster pattern was created by Elliphantom, I love all of her patterns and she has a lot of free ones.

    As for pictures of the house I think there are some on facebook I can send you.

  4. This is Ali, the demanding sister, and I just want everyone to know that Seamus is *even cuter* in person then he is in these pictures.

    Well done Lulu! And watch out world-- as soon as I learn how to increase and decrease I'm going to be spewing out more monsters!