Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Knitting Goals

This is proof that I am able to meet some of my goals. This time last year all I could do was hats and scarves, then I learned how to cable, and then I got on Ravelry. This has made me a much less fearful knitter and I've been open to trying new techniques. Last February I would not believe that I could make a sweater, that to me was what "real knitters" did. While I've now made three sweaters I don't yet feel like a "real knitter" but I'm getting there (this is a teaser of the Vine Yoke Cardigan which I did indeed finish, I just need to block it and add buttons!)

I'm sitting on the couch with Rick, watching Bear Grylls do stupid things on Man vs. Wild, and looking through fiber classes in Boston and it got me thinking about goals. Now that I'm at the point in my knitting where I can fairly consistently make a project that at least vaguely resembles the pattern I'm looking to advance my skills more.

What things do I want to work? Well I'm so glad you asked?

Short term goals:
  • Improve my finishing skills, make each piece that much more "mistake-free"
  • Learn how to do entrela
  • Getting more comfortable with cables, oh how I dread those twisty devils
  • Finally writing up some legible designs, I have a languishing mitten pattern that has no thumbs
Longer term goals:
  • Learn to dye, I feel like this would be like a kid in a candy store: turning natural fiber into all different beautiful shades (I remember when my Mom used to weave and dye fiber in the basement, people would call and ask for her and I'd respond "Oh, she's in the basement dyeing")
  • Learn to spin!! (Rick should watch out because I have a feeling this is the gateway to me pushing for us to own and run a fiber farm...)
  • Join the Knitting Guild Association and do a correspondence course (thinking the professional finishing skills)
Long longer term goals:
  • Working on a Knitting Guild Association Master Knitting Level 1 (this is a big commitment but I'm thinking once I'm done with grad school and settled into a full time job I'll want something to give me a challenge both intellectually and creatively)
So whatya think? What are your goals?


  1. Oh I want to learn to dye and spin too! I am actually working on the TKGA masters level 1 right now... slow going because all of my fun knits are steeling my needles, but man I know I'm goign to learn a TON! The rabbit hole goes so deep and there is so little time ;)

  2. You're doing the masters level 1 right now? What do you think, what is it like? Do you mind me asking what your level of experience was prior to you starting? I'd really like to do it but I think I should take some more classes first (or any classes for that matter) and improve my technique a little first so that I get more out of the experience. What are your thoughts?