Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monster Teasers

I feel like one of those makeover shows where they don't let you see the full person until the "reveal" and until then you just get little snippets or "teasers." Welcome to a monster makeover then... In the photo above you see the stylist has not quite finished the haircut yet, or the head for that matter.
"This pattern is very slimming on you Seamus, really brings out your sea-monster-ness"
Of courses every sea monster must accessorize with a tail.
And finally some monster eyes...

Seamus is obviously coming along nicely, although he's not quite as chubby as I would like. I'm going home this weekend for my mother's birthday so even though the ravelympics don't end for awhile, my deadline for this little critter is the 20'th!

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