Monday, March 1, 2010

Ravelympics are over

Le sighhhh. Both the Ravelympics AND the Olympics are done, finished, over. I don't think I have ever enjoyed the Olympics so much before in my life and I had a lot of fun watching and knitting. I would say it was a success, I did a knit monster in a week. Then managed to pop out two hats and am halfway through a third. This might not seem like a lot, but between being a full time student, having a number of part time jobs, planning a trip to Nicaragua for next week, and starting to plan a wedding I'm feeling a little tapped out. Oh, I was also pretty ill with a cold last week and had a beautiful 24 hour bug or something yesterday. Ick!

Well that seems like a sufficient pity party. Time to get back to the knitting homework!

P.S. you may notice my blog now has a spiffy background that I think makes it oh so purty. I got the idea from Plantress who is a fantastic jewelry maker and my future mother-in-law! Go check out her etsy site.


  1. shucks. I keep working on my blog but it gets uglier and uglier. Love the knitting-I am so impressed. Will September be warm enough to be outside? Anne Slingluff has now snagged Labor Day weekend for her wedding in Watertown. Hmm.

  2. Oh I like the background for your blog. I think with web design/content the trick is that less is more.

    As for wedding date stuff I sent you an email. Eek! It seems like it's coming up so fast but it's well over a year away!