Friday, March 19, 2010

Back to the grind..

As some of you may know I had a class in Nicaragua over spring break. The class went well (volcanoes and earthquakes non-withstanding) and then we got stranded in Miami for several days due to weather issues in the Northeast. While we ended up making the most of it I was positively itching for my knitting! Airports are the worst in that there's all that idle time that's calling, nay SHOUTING, for a little productive knitting, at the same time airport security is far too much of a bother for me to risk it.

Luckily I am now back in Boston and among other things this means I can keep working on my Selbu Modern beret (shown above). I made a modified version for my future-MIL for Christmas. That one was worsted weight and more of a snug cap than a slouchy beret. I loved the pattern though, very easy to learn but still interesting and a pretty quick knit, and wanted to take a second go at it. The cream yarn is Knit Picks Palette and the purple is a handspun my mom purchased for me. The purple is a super light lace weight and the two skeins I was given were apparently the same colorway but drastically different, my solution has been to knit the two together and it's creating a lovely heathered effect if I say so myself (and I do!).

My calendar shows that I have 57 days between me and my master's degree. This means that sadly the next several weeks will most likely need to be light on the knitting and heavy on the homework. As it is I must now go an analyze HTML code and CSS.

Oh and for anyone interested in pictures from my Nicaragua/Miami trip they are available on my other blog Lulu Abroad, enjoy!

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