Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Catching up

Owl Mittens for an upcoming birthday girl!

I have been negligent in my posts lately so let me catch up and show some of the things I accomplished this summer! I actually managed to get a lot of summer knitting done. I even knit a double knit and lined hat (seen below) while on vacation in Charleston and Savannah, crazy, I know.
The hat is the beautiful (and free) Inga Hat, pattern available on Ravelry, and the mittens are my own creation, complete with initials to prevent theft!
After I managed to complete the hat and mittens for myself school started up again and progress has been a little slow lately.
I have been working on my Christmas knitting pile (like the mittens shown above) however I am starting to have fears that not everything will be done in time. I'm hoping that since classes end December 8th that will give me lots of time for just straight knitting before holiday palooza!

Happy Knitting!

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