Saturday, September 19, 2009

Finished Mittens and Started Mittens

The christmas/birthday/gift giving knitting factory has been busy! Here's a whole train of mittens, some which have been seen before, some which are new, all of which are cozy! Above are the Owl mittens, all done for my sister's birthday (they do still need some eyes but those will come)
Remember these little guys? Four leaf clover christmas mitts!
The start of my bird in hand mittens (knitting these VERY VERY tight leads to sore cramped hands but pretty stitch definition)
Finally finished my self-designed monogrammed mitts!! Shown with matching Inga Hat. These dragged on forever and knitting your own pattern is much more stressful than knitting a published (and test-knit) pattern! But I love how they turned out with their icey colors and their cozy interiors. Bring on the inclement weather because I am prepared!!

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