Monday, January 18, 2010

Errant blogger

The Bird in Hand pattern by Kate Gilbert makes for a drop dead gorgeous mitten, if not the most satisfactory or fast knit. This one is done in Debbie Bliss Fez which is part camel and pure joy to knit!

I was going to call this post "catching up" but then I realized that my last post, that one way back in October, had that same title. I guess that means I'm a regular irregular when it comes to maintaining my knitting blog. Even if my blog has been neglected of late, my knitting has not been. I was a very busy Christmas knitter and have some projects to display.

I did an adapted Selbu Modern by Kate Gagnon Osborn. This was more of a beanie than a beret but was the most fantastic project to knit: fast, beautiful, and deceptively easy, plus it's a free pattern to boot! I forsee many more of these in my future!
Speaking of fantastic free patterns, this is my second Inga by Sheila Macdonald. The first was in snowy shades to match my monogrammed mittens, this one however is a neopolitan confection that looks just as sugary as it is snug and warm. Did I mention this pattern is fast, easy and FREE?!?
In addition to the Inga being a great project, it used up very little of the Rowan super wash wool I had so I decided matching herringbone mittens were in order. Now that I think about it this should be the posting of great free patterns since these beauties come gratis courtesy of Elliphantom's Elli Stubenrauch (she also has one of my favorite knitting blogs!)
Finally, this is one I'm very, very proud of. Designed and made by Moi this Argyle hat is achieved with fair isle knitting rather than intarsia and used only one skein of each color (it's fully lined with the blue shade you see here). I'm thinking of writing up the pattern for distribution, those interested say Aye!

I guess that pretty much covers my knitting conquests of late. I will try to be more faithful to this blog in the future, and as a testament to that I am deleting the my wordpress knitting blog which I was toying around with.


  1. I can say that the green pattern is both comfortable AND beautiful!

  2. I'm so glad you like it! I was worried about sizing when I made it as the original pattern is a big slouchy beret.