Friday, July 24, 2009

Yarn Coveting

I was just on Ravelry voting in the Dye for Glory contest and came across these two beauties by Three Irish Girls. It's like someone thought "what are Lulu's favorite colors, and how can I make yarn she will absolutely drool over." As soon as I saw these I thought of doing an entrelac scarf with the warm colors cheering me up on even the most wintery blustery day. Alas, Sea Anemone was not meant to be, it sold out within 12 hours and is now going back into the vault. Luckily I was just as enamored with Georgia Peach (this is a lie, I love Sea Anemone more but this is a good consolation). I will now anxiously await my delicious delivery and hope upon hope that Sea Anemone's time in the vault is not too painfully long!!!

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