Saturday, May 30, 2009

Self inflicted yarn drama...

I did a silly thing the other day. I was buying yarn for my February Lady Sweater, and I found some beautiful Louet Riverstone worsted weight in fantastic shade called "French Blue." There was actually a sample of the sweater knit up in the store in the same yarn, and while the yarn looked a little chunky for the pattern I couldn't resist the color and got some. I then met up with my knitting buddies at Windsor Button in Boston, and soon saw some Nashua Handknits in an Alpaca/Wool blend that was the exact creamy-goodness color I was envisioning for the FLS. So what did I do? Well of course I bought four skeins of the Nashua.

What happened next? Did I act like a sane person and return the french blue yarn? No, no I did not. Instead I have begun a frantic search for a beautiful pattern to use every gram of that blue-goodness. That afternoon I drove both myself and the salesperson crazy looking through EVERY book and pattern booklet for a pattern to use approximately 1,100 yards of worsted weight wool in the most lovely color you can imagine. Of course because it is late May most pattern booklets are featuring cotton and bamboo, or fingering weight shrugs. I have not yet given up the fight though, and there are several options that I'm considering but I still haven't been struck by the perfect pattern. I'm counting on Ravelry to help me through this self-inflicted yarn craziness!

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