Friday, May 8, 2009

Ipod bag extravaganza

On the left is Smariek's Four Cable Ipod bag in self striping sock yarn and on the right is my Cascading Leaves Ipod bag in rowan cotton

Both my boyfriend and I have a lot of sisters. Which means I have a lot of knitting for Christmas. Which of course given my OCDness means I have already started knitting and have finished his sister's presents (stocking stuffers will commence in October). Ipod/Cellphone bags have got to be God's gift to Christmas knitters, done in a day or two they're cute little stash busters that also give you a great opportunity to practice new techniques.
Rick's Masculine Ipod bag (maybe he won't "loose" this one)

For these projects I've actually been able to try (and even perfect one or two) important techniques. I've dabbled in cables, lace, and color work, memorized the Kitchener stitch, and finally have made it to the point where my mattress stitch is not embarrassingly bad. The above piece is actually the first color work I've ever done!
I am prep monster! Champion to all things PREPPY!

This little guy was the second color work piece I've ever attempted, and also the first chart I've ever done!! Once I get a cleaned up version of the chart for the pattern I will share it with all of you.

Happy Knitting!

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