Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just another Ipod Bag..

This is my sister's Christmas present, I designed the pattern (graph paper is my new best friend) with some help from the Harmony Guides: Colorwork Stitches. It's a simply 2x2 rib pattern, then one or two plain rows of stockinette stitch before an eyelet row which I threw some I-cord in for a little bit more contrast. It was a little fiddly doing the color changes while also carrying the green and I had to do some fiddly float traps since the pattern has long stretches of main color in between the contrast color. I finished it with mattress stitch up the back, Kitchner stitch along the top, and rather than weaving in all those fiddly ends I secured them and trapped them under the lining (cheating I know! mea culpae). My favorite part of this project is that it is lined (I used the material shown in the photo) so that nothing will snag on the floats and it has an extra bit of fun pink. My little sister is into music and band so I figured what's better than a music note Ipod bag or small purse.

Now that I've gotten through the easy part of my Christmas knitting it's time to start on sweaters, scarfs, and purses OH MY!!

Happy Knitting!

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