Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter Knitting

Outside it continues to look like this:Which means that I will be inside knitting this:
Pattern is Road to Golden by Lisa Shroyer. I'm not totally in love with the colorwork design but I'm going to get a little farther into it before I decide if I should switch to something different. I've been browsing Ravelry and found some inspiring projects that might be more fun (like a hedgehog sweater!).

Not going to lie, I consider myself to be a good knitter, and I happily brag about stuff I've made. Then I go on Ravelry and see someone who has a bazillion projects they've completed, all of which look amazing, and most of them are sweaters (not like my huge pile of mittens and easy hats!) Oh, what's that you're serving? Humble Pie? Oh, I don't want a slice, I'll take the whole thing...

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