Tuesday, November 16, 2010

meet my new fiber animal...

Wait, that's not a fiber animal in the picture above? Hmm, I'm confused.

Really though, meet Ruby, the new member of my little family. In the last several months I have moved out of Boston and now have a home with land and a view of a pond. I got a car, a job, and a very drooly but loveable rescue dog. I also took an eight week long sewing class and have rekindled my love for sewing. Even with new job and settling into a new house (and cleaning up destruction from our little separation-anxiety prone dog) the knitting has been going strong... or at least going! I will have some finished objects coming up, mostly Christmas gifties for people and I'm planning on casting on for the Delancey Cardigan soon since a girl has to knit for herself sometimes, right?

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